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It’s YOUR special day so shouldn't you have it YOUR way?  If you want less formal, fewer restrictions, fewer limitations but want more choices, more fun, and a ceremony that feels more 'YOU' then you’ve come to the right place.

The only limitations for your ceremony are permission from the land or venue owner, your imagination, safety, and common decency of course 😊


You choose WHEN, WHERE, and HOW you want your ceremony; indoors or outdoors (your venue does not need to be licensed for weddings); you can include music, readings, poetry; you can write your own vows and promises (or I can provide or help with these); and if you want a symbolic ritual or two then check out the 'Symbolic Rituals' page for ideas.



Your ceremony will usually be the start and the heart of your celebrations. I say ‘usually’ because it’s up to you. You don’t HAVE to follow a traditional format, you don’t HAVE to have traditional content – but you can. It’s all about what YOU want (and when I say YOU I mean BOTH of you!)


When I write your ceremony, whether it’s  simple and straightforward or truly bespoke, I will base it on whether you are extraverts or introverts, whether you want to say a little or a lot? Do you want your friends and family to know your full love story or would you prefer to keep some things secret!!? Will it be family orientated or a party atmosphere? Will it be filled with fun and laughter, love and romance? Will it be traditional and timeless, quirky and different? ….. or a mixture of everything?


I will give you a ceremony that reflects your wishes and personalities, a ceremony that makes you feel comfortable but excited, relaxed yet filled with anticipation. There will be smiles, laughter, and probably tears of joy but all these will give you memories to cherish.


Ceremonies start from £450 plus expenses

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