Exclusively bespoke or simply straightforward - your ceremony, your choice

How do you want to express your personalities and your love for each other? You deserve the day of your dreams, and as the ceremony is the ‘heart’ of the day it too should be just as you want it.  But the ‘ideal’ is different for everyone so whether you want ‘all the bells and whistles’, or something a bit more simple and straightforward, but still beautiful, I can help.

I offer two different types of ceremony so here’s the low-down on each to help you decide which suits you best but PLEASE NOTE although both ceremonies CAN include the traditional elements listed below - YOUR ceremony does not have to be traditional. Talk to me about your ideas and let's get creative.

Both ceremonies can include all the usual traditional elements:

The entrance

The declaration of intent: - the 'I do' bit

Personal vows/promises

The exchange of rings

The kiss

A celebratory certificate signing

The exit


Readings or poems


(but we can mix things up a bit if you want)

with both ceremonies you get choices

Vows/promises - write your own, use some of my examples or a mixture of both

Readings and poems - choose from a few examples or find your own

Readings and poems - I can read them or you can ask one of your guests to read them

Music - recorded (venue needs a licence) or live or why not have a sing-along!

So what ARE the differences?

Simply Straightforward: does NOT include your full love story but it is personalised and has an informal, relaxed feel. And if you don't like being the centre of attention or being in the limelight I can keep your 'talking' bits to whatever you are comfortable with.

Exclusively Bespoke: includes your love story in all its glory - or at least the parts you are willing to share with your guests!

PLUS symbolic rituals: If you feel like expressing your love through some old traditions like a hand-tying or wine blending or even jumping the broom then we can include this (check out the Symbolic and Mini Ceremonies page for some ideas)