10 reasons to have a celebrant-led wedding ceremony

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

1. It will be unique to you. It will fit your style and your personality perfectly.

2. You can have it somewhere different, unique, quirky, a place you love AND it does NOT need to be licensed for weddings, so it could have more availability and save you money.

3. You can have it outdoors. I can even wear my wellies if needed! Registrars and the Church can’t marry you in wide-open spaces, woodlands, marquees, tipis or yurts, it must be under a permanent structure.

4. Your ceremony will express your beliefs and values, not just a legal standard ceremony and can include rituals like 'Tying the Knot/Handfasting' 'Wine Blending' or a simple candle lighting.

5. You are not restricted to certain times. So, if you want your ceremony at midnight under a full moon, you can. Don’t think a Registrar or Church would do that for you!!

6. It can be filled with fun and laughter rather than legalities, with smiles and warmth rather than seriousness, with celebration rather than regulation

7. It will not be rushed. Registrars often have more than one wedding a day so rush between them. A Celebrant is there for as long as it takes.

8. It will be the centre of your day rather than a short legal formality

9. It will be led by someone you have met and got to know, who will be warm, friendly, helpful, supportive, flexible and enjoys her job (yep, that’s me😊)

10. You will have lots and lots of input; content, style, who is involved and more. It will be a product of creativity, both yours and mine, not just what is given by the authorities.

Please note: An Independent Celebrant CANNOT legally marry you. For your marriage to be recognised in law (England & Wales) you must complete the legalities. These only take about 10-15 minutes at your local Register Office (28 days’ notice required.) You (the couple) plus two witnesses are all that’s required (no need to get dressed up, no need for rings or bouquets or guests). For more information see my other blog https://www.maryscelebrantceremonies.co.uk/post/how-to-legally-marry-when-having-a-celebrant-led-wedding-in-the-uk

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