Animals at Ceremonies

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Dogs – many people regard their dogs as family members so it’s not surprising that the Bride and Groom may want them at the wedding, and this is fine, I personally love to see dogs at weddings they add more character, warmth and often amusement. To ensure all goes to plan and the dogs don’t disrupt the proceedings think about these few points:

· It’s a good idea to hire a dog walker for the day, after all you will be otherwise engaged for most of it and you don’t want to think you are neglecting your best friends.

· Ensure they have been to the toilet before the ceremony especially if they are going to be part of it (I’ve known a few dogs be the ring bearers).

· Make sure you have plenty of poo bags handy (maybe not stuck down your wedding dress but the groom could have one in his pocket – just in case! or is this a new duty for the Best Man?)

· No matter how well behaved your dog is, if it is in a strange place and something startles it, it could do a runner. So, keeping it on a lead is a good option.

· If you are allowing your guests to bring dogs too, again it’s advisable they all remain on leads, especially if they’ve not all met before.

· Also think about what happens to the dog after the ceremony. Are they allowed inside the venue? When and where do they feed? (Refer back to the first point – hire a dog walker)

If you would like ANY type of animal at your ceremony, please consider your guests as many people have phobias. So, if you want a beautiful pair of doves to be released at your ceremony it may pay to find out if anyone of your guests has a fear of birds.

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