Children at Ceremonies

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

It’s lovely to be able to have children at weddings and even better if you can involve some of them in the ceremony but not all children are little angels, there are occasions when children can be a real pain in the a*** for the Bride and Groom, the guests and the Celebrant (believe me I know).

You may have experienced it yourself, not necessarily at a wedding, but at any other event; all is peaceful and then suddenly a baby starts to cry. The parents frantically try to console the child but to no avail. This then sets off the other babies, then the toddlers start to get overwhelmed with all the noise, so they start, and before you know it all hell has broken loose. Perhaps when planning your big day you may want to consider these ideas:

1.Suggest politely to your guests before the big day, or have your celebrant announce it on the day, that if children start crying would they kindly take them away from the ceremony area until they calm down.

2.If there are going to be toddlers at the ceremony, have a few toys around for them to play with and keep them occupied but try and keep them from running toy trucks over the celebrants’ or Bride and Grooms’ toes 😊 as has happened to me a few times.

3.Perhaps set aside a play area where parents can take their children if they do start playing up but still within sight of the ceremony, so the parents don’t miss it.

4.Many nurseries and child minders now provide creche facilities to wedding venues where they look after the children and occupy them during the ceremony.

5.There is also a final option – tell your guests no children allowed at the ceremony!

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