Micro Weddings - the way forward (at least for the near future)

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

There has been much speculation over what weddings will look like after Covid-19. One theory is that more couples will opt for the micro wedding.

Couples due to marry this summer have already been through much heartache and disappointment. Many have had to postpone or cancel their wedding due to lockdown and the newly engaged are now left wondering if or when they’ll be able to get married.

With social distancing likely to be here for many more months, drastic adjustments to the wedding industry have to happen.

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is a beautiful and intimate occasion. Normally, an intimate wedding would involve no more than 20 guests, (subject to Government restrictions which may be as few as 6 or as many as 30, but this is changing regularly) If you are just starting your planning you can still have the day of your dreams by being as creative as you wish on a small and intimate scale. Your celebrant will create for you a truly bespoke ceremony that will be in keeping with your personalities, your style, and your wishes.

The Guest List

This may be the difficult bit. You are probably going to have to be quite ruthless when it comes to the guest list as it is going to be a pretty exclusive event. Keep the list to your nearest and dearest and cut out the distant relatives and far away friends. I’m sure those not invited will understand, and the select few will make your day even more special.

Tradition versus Innovation

As your wedding is going to be small and intimate you can experiment with tradition. Your celebrant will write a ceremony that will reflect who you are so if you want something different and not traditional you can be as innovative as you like. You can even have a themed wedding and get your guests to dress accordingly; from musicals to superheroes the choice is yours. But if you like tradition there is nothing to stop you from having the big white dress and black-tie affair, after all, it is still your wedding day and that is a great excuse to dress up.

Garden wedding layout
Garden wedding

The Location

A smaller, celebrant-led ceremony means you can be even more flexible with where you hold it. It can be indoors (subject to Government guidelines) or outdoors, but because of social distancing consider holding it outdoors where your guests can keep the 2 m apart easily so your guests are safer. You can choose a park, your garden, a woodland area, all beautiful locations for your ceremony (it may be wise to have a plan B for inclement weather but as a celebrant, I am not averse to wearing wellies and holding an umbrella!) You can allow yourself to explore the possibilities.

Intimate & Special

The wedding industry is going to look very different from now on. Many of the suppliers you were hoping to use may have gone out of business. Many will only be doing ‘virtual’ business but planning a micro wedding means that you can do away with a lot of the frills.

Think about how it would make your day more intimate and special if, for instance, you didn’t have a photographer but let all your guests take photos; if you didn’t have a live band but created a playlist of your favourite music and played it through your MP3 player/phone and a Bluetooth speaker; and what if you had picnic boxes instead of a sit-down meal and guests brought their own drinks? And who needs decorations when you have a beautiful wooded glade as your backdrop!

Weekday Weddings

As you will be having fewer guests, and to avoid even longer delays in getting married, it may be wise to consider a weekday wedding. A recent study by ‘Bridebook’ claims that around 64% of weddings in 2020 will either be cancelled or postponed as a result of coronavirus. That’s a lot of weddings to have to reschedule in an already popular 2021 wedding season.

Remember, if you want to legalise your marriage you need to arrange a statutory ceremony at your local Registry Office (28 days notice required) but this can be done before or after your celebrant led ceremony.

If you would like more information, I’d be happy to chat about options, ideas and Government restrictions.


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