Virtual Ceremonies: Weddings, Renewal of Vows, Baby Naming and more

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Since the announcement on Saturday evening (31/10/20) that weddings will not be able to take place from 5th November until at least 2nd December 2020, many of you will be feeling totally dejected which I can totally understand. It's possible that no words will help right now but we have to keep hoping, and in this age of technology perhaps we need to think of alternatives. Whether you were looking forward to a wedding, a renewal of vows or a baby naming, there is a way you can still have your celebration (the non-legal part) with the people you love. (Please note: you will still need to arrange any legal registration required of your marriage or the birth of your baby, separately).

Through the wonders of technology, you can have a virtual ceremony with all those you wanted to invite and MORE. Think about all those who weren't allowed to attend your November celebration; poor 90 year old Aunt Sally who is too frail to travel; or Grandad who now lives in Australia; family and friends in a local lockdown areas; and of course close family and friends who would have been outside the limit allowed or those who are self-isolating. They can all watch you make or renew your vows and promises or welcome the new addition to the family. A virtual ceremony can bring together friends and family from far and wide.

Your ceremony will be written exclusively for you and facilitated by me. You and your guests can dress up for the occasion (I encourage this), you can ask them all to have a glass of fizz ready for a toast, you can have music while you walk into the room if it’s a wedding. Your guests can sing or play music, you can ask some of them to do readings or poems. And of course, you can still do the exchange of rings and vows. And if it’s a naming ceremony you can still have promises made by Grandparents or those you choose to help and support the growth and education of your child. And after the ceremony there will be time for you all to catch up and have a chat.

A virtual ceremony can still be a beautiful and memorable occasion. Please contact me for more information and to check dates. A requirement would be that each household you invite has access to the internet via laptop, pc, tablet or phone and to download the Zoom app.

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