Why have a 2-stage wedding?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

If your wedding budget is tight, or you’d rather spend your hard-earned money on a ceremony that is very personal and special to you, then you should consider a two-stage wedding.

Stage 1: give notice to marry at your local Register Office, attend on the date you agreed with two witnesses, say the declaratory words and sign the book. (The legal bit is done)

Stage 2: Have the ceremony of your dreams, (created and conducted by me Celebrant) intimate or full on, at a time and place of your choosing without restriction of Church or Registrar regulations.

Here are just a few points to consider:

Benefits of the 2-stage wedding

1. Getting the legal part of the marriage done at your local Register Office can be done for £45-£60 depending on the County you are in

If you get married at a ‘licensed for weddings’ venue you will pay at least £450* for the Registrar to attend this is on top of your room hire fees etc (based on a Saturday wedding and dependent on the County you are in)

Your celebratory wedding ceremony can be held at any venue of your choice and does not need to be ‘licensed’ for weddings (e.g. your local pub, park, own back garden, beside a river etc) – which means it may work out less expensive and gives you more choice and more availability

‘Licensed for wedding’ venues tend to get booked up 18 – 24 months in advance. They often charge more (because they are ‘licensed’)

Your ceremony will be ‘true to you’ – personal, bespoke, exclusive and reflect you, your personalities and your wishes

For £450 the Registrar will use a Standard script

If you would like to know more about the 2-stage option or check dates (I still have availability for 2020) please feel free to contact me

Simply from the Heart, Mary


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