Your Choices

What do you want from your ceremony? How do you want to feel? How do you want it to be, traditional or unusual, small and intimate or large and loud?

Whatever it is, your unique ceremony will let you do it, (as long as it’s not perverted or against the law of course!) And it can be where and when you want it too as there are no restrictions on place or time (you might have to get permission if you want to use a farmers field though, or at the top of Emley Moor mast, -Yorkshire folk will know this place– now that would be a cool venue if you're not afraid of heights!)

It is YOUR special day and you must remember it IS about YOU. You should feel relaxed and comfortable as well as excited and full of anticipation so make sure your choices are for you, and you are not being coerced into things by others (you know the people I mean!!) Here are some ideas for you to get your inspiration flowing:

Location: beach, woodland, a boat, double-decker bus, lighthouse, farmhouse, tipi, or even your own back garden. Whatever venue you choose it does not need to be licensed for weddings.

Music: your favourite songs, a string quartet, hymns, a singer, a Gospel choir, brass band or even a sing-along by your guests (this is good fun).

Readings, poems, quotes or stories, serious or funny

Time: sunrise, afternoon, sunset or even midnight under a full moon

Vows and promises written by you (with help from me if needed) expressing what is most important to you

Rituals or Traditions: hand-fasting ceremony (tying the knot) jumping the broom, drinking from a loving cup or a simple candle lighting. I can even create a ritual specifically for you.

Include your family, friends and even pets in the ceremony if you want. Dogs make great ring bearers

Whether you want your ceremony to be simple, sincere, and straightforward or awesome fun and a little bit mad the choice is yours

Mary Richards - Independent Celebrant

Tel:07944 801 696


Cumbria based, but covering all Northern England & Scottish Borders

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