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I’m a down-to-earth Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred and (South) Yorkshire based celebrant and like Yorkshire’s famous tea I’m a blend of characteristics; warm, caring, fun-loving, creative, practical, with a no-nonsense approach, and sometimes just a little bit crazy. I can be straightforward and casual or eloquent and sophisticated (erm! ......the Yorkshire accent gets modified when needed so don't worry if your guests aren’t from Yorkshire, they will still be able to understand me)

Prior to training as a celebrant, I was a Deputy Superintendent Registrar with Cumbria County Council conducting legal marriage ceremonies as well as naming ceremonies and renewal of vows.

In that role I conducted over 200 ceremonies and learned a lot about the issues facing the happy couple; from the perils of having a ‘big’ dress to dealing with animals at ceremonies, and because of this I can offer a few hints and tips you may find useful. I started my business as a celebrant because I felt I could offer couples much more choice, more flexibility, and much more attention, without the restrictions of a Civil or Religious marriage.

​​I am married to Mark, we moved to West Cumbria from Yorkshire in 2016 and were lucky to have sea views and a beach within half a mile of where we lived. Looking out at the sea, in all types of weather, helped me focus on the ceremonies I write. There's just something about the power of nature that is inspiring. I'm certainly going to miss it now we've move back inland to Yorkshire - but then again Yorkshire has many beautiful places to inspire me.


I enjoy watching comedy, action,drama and superhero films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, and Sci-fi such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, the classics - Leathal Weapon, Die Hard, and the Minions!!! and so much more - they are my escapism! I'm definitely not in to soaps and reality TV.

So if you like the sound of me why not arrange a no-obligation chat so we can get to know each other better so you can decide if I'm the right celebrant for you.

You can even check out what other people think of me here - 

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